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KA2 Cooperation partnership in Youth approved by The Polish National Agency.
This project created for educators working in youth field for the change of perspectives from the traditionalist approach to viewing oneself and their expertise as a brand and empowering both educators and their adult learners to overcome their fears be visible as a service provider on the market.
13-21 May 2023
Coma Ruga, Spain
02-10 September 2023
02-10 November 2022 Murzasichle, Poland
our partners
4 European organizations from Poland, Portugal, Italy and Spain
the goals
participants with practical tools helpful in developing marketing and visibility skills of diverse groups of learners.
to the development of the entrepreneurial mindset of educators and their target groups.
in using various digital communication channels for the development of personal branding (FaceBook, Youtube, Instagram,LinkedIn etc).
the building of long-lasting partnerships among participants’ and NGOs for future collaboration.
the limiting beliefs among educators which suppress the professional development of educators and get to know how to create your personal branding strategy.
best practices in relation to personal branding in the field of youth work.
our team
project coordinator from Globers
Antonio Gomes
Sillian Ferrari
project coordinator from Oriel
Nazareth Peral Vilaverde
project coordinator from Check In
non-formal education trainer, project coordinator "Branding4u" project
Vera Goriunova
Mateusz Gorecki
project coordinator from Fundacja Mlodzi Dla Europy
Jorge Ruiz Conde
trainer of the "Branding4u" project
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what people say
The course has been a way to get know ourselves better and to know how to communicate this to others. It has been a very nice learning experience. Also the opportunity to meet people from other countries is a very enriching way to get to know other cultures better.
participant or the TC1, country
Maria Write the name
participant or the TC1? country
Hermit Write the name
We developed many components essential to our personal brands. For me this was a challenge, as I struggle with the concept of branding, but in the end all the tools we've gathered were useful. Moving forward, I hope most of all to continue encountering people as inspiring as these, as i truly believe they are the people i aim to work with and for.
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