Market research

If you are an educator who wants to build their brand, the first thought which might come to your mind - why do i need market research?! I’m not selling anything.

Well, actually you are - you are “selling” your competences, experience, your products ( courses, training, lesson plans etc) and communicating your value to others.

We need market research to better understand the audience and how to effectively communicate with them.

One of the ways to do it is to find:

3-4 people in your field with active online presence ( where it’s obvious people do concrete steps to build their brand)

3-4 companies in your field with online presence

Study their profiles ( which platforms do they use? How much presence do they have? How often do they post? How do they interact with the audience?)

What do you like in their online presence? What makes you inspired?

What you definitely don’t like and don’t want to have?

What’s their offer / products? How many product lines do they have?

Which style do they use?

This way you can learn from your colleagues and understand what is more “organic” to you personally.
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