Day 6. Full of events

First of all, participants focused on creating their CVs in a way which would be in line with their brand identity as well as reference lists. Some participants focused on creating their personal brand portfolio.

After that, we dived into the world of social media! Participants analysed each other’s profiles and planned different type of content they are going to post in their SM until New Year.

We finished the day by sharing some useful tools, which could support our journey with personal branding.

The evening was all about Portugal - participants had a Portuguese evening to learn more about the country, culture and food!

As usual, some reflections from participants after the 6th day of the training:
Today we created our CVs and shared many useful tools to perfect our brand on social media. Thanks to some of them we created this videos with highlights of the training! We also celebrated Millenas birthday
Last night we had an amazing italian night, topped by Millena's b-day from midnight. Consequently energy levels were low today. However, we still managed to learn more about how to use social media to promote ourselves and our personal brand. We now have a bigger tool variety to use in our posts and stories and some accountability partners to friendly kick our buts if needed.
Day 6 was a little bit sleepy for all of us. First we saw Video CV and shared our opinions. Making CV in canva was a little be hard. In the end we have fun with searching new tools
Today we learned different tools related to social media and personal branding. For example: inshot, lightroom, capcut... Also we have created our curriculum using the colour palette we chose the previous day. Here you can find an example of a short video made with photos using Reels.
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