Day 3. Full of introspection

First of all, participants created their ‘wheel of life’, re-evaluating different spheres of their lives and planning steps in bringing more balance to their lives.

After that, participants went through the series of embodied exercises to focus on how they position themselves as well as reflect on some visual features of their brand ( colours, lines).

In the end, we dived deeper in the ‘universe of brand’ by re-evaluating our values, big WHYs and creating the vision for their brand.

So, the reflection of the participants:
We started the day expressing our emotions through our bodies' movement in an instinctive way. In the second part of the day we learnt how the “wheel of life” works, which helped a lot in developing our thoughts about us. At the end of the day we expressed our vision by making a poster of what we really want to change.
Our group enjoyed the dancing activity, as well as the wheel of life and being creative with crayons and markers during the vision board process. There was a lot of introspection today and we are a little bit exhausted by it.
We really enjoyed the activity the "Wheel of life" because it shows our parts that we have to develop in our life. The dance was uncomfortable for us in the beginning, it was a good exercise to search our inner self.
Today it rained outside but we had all four elements within us. We discovered how to turn body movement into shapes and lines and in the end of the day we spinned the wheel of life to find our vision.
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