Day 5. A big challenge?

First of all, participants focused on formulating their unique offer by using the formula.

After that, we went creative - we had some time to create our own brand identity, including logo, fonts, colour palette and visual elements.

During the afternoon we faced a big challenge of creating video CVs:first of all, participants learnt the formula of writing a script and reflected on what makes a video presenter captivating. After that, we tried to create our own CVs! Oh my, it’s much harder to relate to your audience through the camera!

We finished the day by screening the CVs and sharing feedbacks.
Today we created our own logo based on our personality. We commented on each other posts so we were able to see what we can improve. After lunch we recorded our video CV. It is another way to introduce yourself to potentials employer, partners or clients and to get out of our comfort zone.
We enjoined the creative process of making our own logo, choosing the colour pattern, the fonts and the icon. We also liked registering the video postcard that we shared to a close person, however making the video CV was harder, but it helped getting comfortable in front of the camera.
Today we learned how to present efficiently ourselves highlighting our qualities and objectives. We also have designed our brand kit through a collective creative process.
The activities of today helped us to decide which path we can focus on in our future. The CV video activity was really hard and challenging for all the participants of the group, and we understand that we have to improve our communication skills.
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