Vision and mission

Once you have identified your values, resources and strategies, the key step is to define your vision and mission. Your vision is your ultimate goal or desired outcome, while your mission is the specific purpose or action you will take to achieve that goal.

To define your vision and mission, start by asking yourself: what is the ultimate impact I want to have as an educator? What are my core values and beliefs, and how can I use them to make a positive difference in the lives of my students and colleagues?

Write down your answers and distil them into a clear and concise vision and mission statement. Your vision should be aspirational and future-focused, while your mission should be action-oriented and specific.

For example, your vision might be to empower and inspire students to become lifelong learners who are equipped to make a positive impact in the world. Your mission might be to create a dynamic and inclusive learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration among students of all backgrounds and abilities. Or it could be something completely different, you decide!

By defining your vision and mission as an educator, you can create a personal brand that reflects your values, expertise, and unique approach to teaching and learning. Use these statements to guide your decisions, communicate your message, and build a strong reputation as a trusted and effective educator.

One of the creative ways to define your vision and mission is to write it on a big piece of paper and decorate it the way it feels fit. Feel free to use colours, the font which you like, the pictures etc. Once it’s done, it could give you some insight on the colour palette, mood and typography of your brand identity.
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