the Branding Kit

📣✨ Did you know that once you define your brand identity with a clear mission, values and personality, a useful tool that can help you in communicating with your audience is the Branding Kit? Let's explore how to create a branding kit in some steps!

♊♉ Logo: Design a memorable and versatile logo that represents your brand and make it easily recognised: be sure the logo can be adapted in different format according to needs!

🎨🌈 Color Palette: Choose the colour palette that resonates with your brand: you can look for some theories of the Colour Wheel to see which colours are matching the most, and you can also look for some theories of psychology of colours to understand which specific feelings each colour evokes.

🔠🔤 Typography: Select fonts (title, subtitles, headlines, body of the text) that align with your brand's personality and are easily readable also with your colour palette. Choose a primary font for headings and a secondary font for body text.

💭❣️ Moodboard: you can use the creative tool of moodboard to have a visual collage or composition that represent the specific mood, style, or concept of your brand. This tool can help you in understanding the essence of your brand!

🟥🟦 Mockups: choose your visual design of your social media profile looking for different types of mockups and then choosing the most suitable for your brand. Mockups allow you to plan your content visually arranging photos, captions, and other elements in your feed!

🎑🎦 Visual Elements: Choose your unique visual elements like icons, patterns, or graphics that complement your brand.

‼️👉 And remember to be consistent to build brand recognition!


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